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How to Remove Ring-Shaped Marks on Marble

water rings etched on marble

Here is a question people commonly ask the stone professionals at Pro Cleaning Products: “What causes ring-shaped marks and white spots on marble?” Questions like these usually follow: “Is there a product I can use to get rid of this type of stain?” and “Is there a sealer I can apply to restore the shine and prevent this problem?” Sometimes people believe that when surface damage happens, they will need to replace their marble. In many instances, homeowners can remove marble countertop stains themselves. Let’s look at how.

The Cause of Ring-Shaped Marks and White Spots on Marble

Some people refer to ring-shaped marks on marble as “water rings.” These marks and spots on marble are likely not stains but acid etch damage. If the discoloration is lighter than the stone, it is an etch, not a stain. Marble contains calcium carbonate, a substance that chemically reacts with acids in certain food and drinks, which causes acid etch damage on marble surfaces.

Recommended Product for DIY Removal

A high-quality marble polishing product such as Natural Touch Stone Etch Remover is used by professionals nationwide to remove etch marks from polished marble if the damage is not too severe. Until now, this product was not available to homeowners.

To identify an “etch” on marble, run your finger over the area you intend to treat. If the stained area feels smooth and has no rough texture compared to the surrounding finish, then you can use Natural Touch Stone Etch Remover and a clean white cloth to remove the spots. If the staining remains after applying Natural Touch Stone Etch Remover, you will need professional assistance from a countertop restoration professional.

Don't Replace Your Marble

Replacing etch-damaged marble in many cases is costly and completely unnecessary. Often, using the appropriate professional grade etch remover is all that’s needed, and in many cases, this is the same product professional installation experts use.

For more information about marble care or stain management, download our sister company’s free Stone and Tile Care Guide.

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