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How to Remove Mineral and Hard Water Deposits from Natural Stone

hard water stains on tile


Mineral and hard water deposits can make granite, marble, glass, and even stainless steel look “ugly.” These unsightly spots can easily dull and mark the good look of natural stone surfaces, but are usually difficult to remove with store-bought solutions.

For years, professional stone fabricators, showrooms, restoration companies, and stone cleaning companies have been using Stone Pro's Stone and Glass Scrub to easily remove spots from stone, glass, and stainless-steel surfaces. 

Stone and Glass Scrub is an all natural, non-acidic cleaning compound that safely removes hard water deposits, residue, soap film, and grout haze from natural stone, stainless-steel, and glass surfaces.  Easy to use in the home and strong enough for professional use.

Stone and Glass Scrub can be used on all natural stone surfaces (such as granite countertops, travertine floors and walls, marble, and travertine showers) porcelain and ceramic tile, glass (excellent for shower doors and exterior windows) and plumbing fixtures. This product can be applied by hand or machine.

Directions For Use

Hand Application

Make sure that the area to be cleaned is free of dust, dirt, and other debris. Pour Stone and Glass Scrub onto surface or onto a damp sponge or clean lint free cloth (microfiber is recommended). Rub aggressively onto surface. Let dwell on surface for one minute. Remove remaining Stone and Glass Scrub with a clean damp cloth.

Machine Application

For the professional experienced applicator. Use a low RMP buffer and a white nylon pad. Once the surface is clean, pour product onto the surface and buff using the white nylon pad until desired results are achieved. Remove remaining Stone and Glass Scrub with a clean damp cloth, or wet/dry vacuum for larger areas.

Stone & Glass Scrub will easily outperform store bought products and is the professionals choice.  In fact, our sister company, Tru-Clean Surface Care, cleaning and repair professionals treat hundreds of natural stone countertops, shower areas, and grout haze areas annually for spots and haze issues and this is their “go-to” product. This product is also our best seller for removing water and mineral deposits to professionals and consumers.

Pro Cleaning Products is a national distributor of StonePro professional grade cleaning, repair, and sealing products that until recently, were only available to stone fabricators, repair specialists, and installers.

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