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How To Remove Dull Spots From Quartz

If you have a dull spot on your quartz finish, our Quartz Repair System is an all-in-one repair solution designed for professionals and weekend warriors.

Our Quartz Repair Kit includes a three-step solution, an online video link, and the three pads you'll need to remove dull spots from your quartz surface and return a factory shine finish.  All you supply is a hand buffer.

To repair dull spots on your quartz surface

Step 1 - Texture Reveal.  Use the included white lamb's wool pad to bring back texture.  Attach the lamb's wool pad to your buffer and set at 600 RPM. 

Liberally apply the included Texture Repair solution to the damaged area.  Buff the area for 15 minutes.  Ensure a consistent textured finish is returned to the surface before proceeding to Step 2. 

Step 2Resin Polish – Use the included green sponge in conjunction with the Resin Polish to restore the original finish of the engineered quartz. 

Apply a liberal amount of the Resin Polish to the green sponge pad.  Ensure the hand polisher is set to 600 RPM and apply the Resin Polish to the damaged area.  Apply as many times as needed to remove residual hazing.  Make sure a consistent polished surface is returned to the quartz.

Step 3Final Polish – Use the included white sponge pad to build the stone's reflection to factory finish.

Apply a liberal amount of Final Polish to the white sponge pad and ensure the hand buffer is set at 600 RPM.  Start working on the area you polished with the Resin Polish and continue buffing the area for 15 minutes.  Make sure a consistent polished finish is returned to the stone's surface.

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This Quartz Repair System is the same kit our stone department uses to repair hundreds of quartz surfaces annually and the same product used by thousands of stone restoration specialists throughout the United States.

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