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How to Polish Marble, Travertine, and Terrazzo Surfaces

easy way to polish a marble counter

Travertine, marble, and terrazzo tile are popular for indoor and outdoor flooring because of the wide variety of color options and variations you can achieve with this durable material. This ultra-strong flooring tends to look dull over time due to a buildup of wax, dirt, and improper cleaning solutions, leaving a haze-like finish behind.

A well-polished floor calls attention to the intricate color variations in the stone, making your floors a focal point of the room design.

For years, cleaning and polishing natural stone and terrazzo surfaces were labor-intensive and messy.  Contractors had to deal with paste and grit flying all over the place, polishing powders that could scratch the stone's surface, the uncertainty of sensitive stone reaction to polishing agents, and additional labor necessary to achieve shine and reflectivity.  They also had to be careful of polishing agents coming into contact with inlaid stone of different types.

Pro Cleaning Products, Inc. understands the challenges faced by stone professionals better than most.  Our sister company is a major stone restoration company serving SW Florida, and we know stone.  Our sister company can use whatever stone products they desire, and for polishing, Stone Pro EMP Easy Marble Polish is the go-to for polishing needs.

unpolished vs polished marble countertop

As a national distributor of Stone Pro Stone products, EMP is the product professionals use due to its ease of use, reduced labor required for polishing, and phenomenal results.

EMP Easy Marble Polish is an easy-to-use formula that will not etch the surface.  Excellent for use on marble, travertine, terrazzo, and other calcite-based stones.  EMP polishes sensitive stone and serpentine stone and can be used on floors, countertops, and walls.


  • Easy-To-Use
  • High coverage rate
  • Hardens surface
  • Polishes sensitive stone and serpentine stone
  • Will not damage or scratch granite inlays
  • Available in 1lb, 3lb, 10lb, and 50lb tubs


  • Will not burn the surface
  • 200-400 square feet coverage per pound
  • Increases shine and reflectivity
  • One powder for all stone surfaces
  • Safely polish multi-surface floors (marble and granite)

Visit the EMP Easy Marble Polish product page to watch a video on how easy EMP is to use.

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