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How to Fix "Holes" in Travertine

Holes in travertine are very common due to the stones honeycomb structure. Travertine tiles are like Swiss cheese and over time holes will appear. Travertine tiles are often sold filled and honed. This means that the holes have been filled at the factory and then ground down flat to a smooth honed finish.

Over time the factory filled resin can pop out and this will create holes and pits in the travertine tiles. Also, due to the unique nature of this natural stone, holes may appear out of nowhere if a heavy object has been dragged across the floor or if something is dropped on it. Another reason holes may appear is because of the natural nature of this stone, a void beneath the surface may open causing a hole on the surface of the stone.

Most holes can be repaired by the “do-it-yourselfer” with the right resin compound.

Traverfill and Traverfill Pro to the rescue!

Pro Cleaning Products offers a product used by stone contractors and manufacturers called Traverfill designed to fill holes in Travertine. If unsightly holes and pits are making your travertine floor look horrible, Traverfill by StonePro is your answer.

Traverfill is available in either in either light or dark colors to match most travertine and can be mixed to create your own custom color.

Traverfill comes in a powder form that converts to paste by adding water and is applied like spackle. Traverfill in the powder form is perfect for small holes or pits in travertine.

For Larger Holes, or for use on all stone surfaces, we offer Traverfill Pro

Traverfill Pro is a premium grade adhesive designed to fill and repair travertine holes small or large. Traverfill Pro can be used on travertine, limestone, Marble, Terrazzo, and other natural stone.

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not-filled vs filled travertine tile