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How Do I Clean My Travertine, Marble, and Tile Floors At Home?

All too often, homeowners purchase cleaning products in the “big box” hardware stores to find out they don’t work. Some cleaning products leave streaks once the cleaning solution dries. Some leave residues, while others, sadly, don’t clean as promised. 

The reason? Many are watered-down copycats of professional-grade products, insufficient cleaning agents in the cleaning solution, or too much soap destined to leave streaks.

Use What The Professionals Use

stone pro deep clean heavy duty stone and grout cleaner Stone Pro Deep Clean Heavy Duty Stone Cleaner to maintain travertine, marble, granite, grout, ceramic, porcelain, and stone surfaces.  Stone Pro Deep Clean is a terrific cleaner for natural stone surfaces, including limestone and sanded and non-sanded grouts.

Stone Pro Deep Clean Heavy Duty Stone Cleaner is:

  • Non-Acidic, will not harm polished stone surfaces
  • Excellent grout cleaner. Get the results without using acidic cleaners
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Dissolves grease and dirt
  • Removes water spots
  • Removes grime, soap scum, hard water spots, and food stains
  • And will not affect the polish of natural stones

This product is concentrated, and one gallon will make 9 gallons of cleaner.

How to use Deep Clean

  1. Pour the desired amount of cleaner into a bucket, steam cleaner, or sprayer.
  2. Apply using a mop, steam cleaner, microfiber floor applicator, grout brush, or sponge.
  3. Apply to surface and lightly agitate.
  4. Let the cleaner dwell for 2-4 minutes.
  5. Rinse surface.

Homeowners can use this cleaner as often as their cleaning schedule dictates and stop wasting money on products that don’t deliver.

Pro Cleaning Products, Inc. is a national distributor of the complete line of professional-grade Stone Pro cleaning products.  Our sister company, Tru-Clean Surface Care, is one of SW Florida’s most referred and certified natural stone restoration companies, and they use Stone Pro Deep Clean daily.  In addition, this product is our number one referred floor cleaning product to consumers and trade professionals.

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